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Personalised Learning at St Joseph's 

Personalised Learning at St Joseph's is about identifying exactly what a student knows and what they need to find out. It engages learners so that they are informed and empowered through student voice and choice.

It is about using student’s data and research to equip the teacher to know where to take the student’s learning next and how to take it there. It is about using these understandings in planning documents so that a focus on improving student outcomes are achieved. It is about following and tracking learning growth so that every child has the opportunity to reach their potential. 

Personalised teaching is a highly structured approach that places the needs, interest and learning styles of the students at the centre. It is about engaging the student in their own learning, about taking responsibility both as a student and a teacher. It is about accountability.

Core areas of Learning 

Our three core areas of Learning are English, Mathematics and Religious Education, we use an Inquiry method in learning which is a child centred approach and one that encourages questions and wonderings. The other areas of learning include, Science, Technology, The Arts, Physical Education and Languages.

English & Mathematics
All classrooms implement their Literacy and Mathematics (Numeracy) learning in the first three hours of our school day. Our timetable supports this philosophy of core learning first, ensuring that students are receiving two hours of literacy and one hour of numeracy each day. Using the best possible tecnhiques, teachers continually track student progress and as a staff, we unpack our student data on a regular basis.
Religious Education
Religious Education is a life-long process to which Catholic schooling contributes.
Its purposes are:
  • To foster within each individual a growing understanding of, and relationship with, God.
  • To help individuals to understand and immerse themselves in the practise of their Catholic faith tradition and to have an appreciation of the faith traditions of others.
  • To enable individuals to participate fully in the life of the Catholic community, including liturgical celebrations.
  • To heighten each individual's commitment to bringing their faith to life.

St Joseph’s integrates the Source of Life Core Document into the curriculum daily. 

At St Joseph’s Religious Education is delivered with inquiry links to other areas of the Victorian Curriculum, where topics are related to the child's life experiences. Prayer, liturgy and attendance at Parish Mass is also an integral part to one’s faith development and the school partakes in such traditions regularly. 

All students enrolled at St Joseph’s are taught Religious Education and expected to take part in these rituals and traditions. Concepts and key messages taught in Religious Education underpin all that we say and do. 




The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office and Schools acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which their Offices and Schools are built. We commit to working in partnership with Aboriginal people for reconciliation and justice.